Cup Mask Pad Printer Two Colors

Cup Mask Pad Printer Two Colors

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Vertical type structure, screen goes up and down vertically and the printing route is cross flight around.
Drive by variable frequency motor.
All the bearing use linear guide.
Printing pressure controlled by TAIWAN air cylinder
Integrated circuit (monolithic) control the circuit.
Plate form-and-vacuum with low suction noise .
Printing plate is adopted materials with high hardness, and the pore is homogeneous (Can manufacture with customer' requirement)

Product Features
  • Printing plate set up fine tuning with direction of X,Y,Z.
  • The procedure is set up with three mode: manual, semi-automatic or automatic which with produce requirement.
  • Handling and cleaning the printing head, scraper and ink-return blade is convenient.
  • Angle of Scraper and ink-return blade can adjust at random.
  • Size of screen can be adjusted expediently base on the halftone.
  • Equip safety slab and power emergency trip system which accord with international industrial safety standard.
Technical Data
Model No SE-CMM08
Voltage 110/220V 50/60HZ
Max size of steel plate 100 x 150mm
Weight 95KGS
Size 72 x 46 x 138mm (L*W*H)
Air pressure 5kg/cm2
Capacity 20pcs/min