Automobile Door Panel Welding Machine

Automobile Door Panel Welding Machine

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The Automobile door panel welding machine is ultrasonic welding for large size or irregular workpiece, PLC control and high precise action; high precision linear slide rail structure ,faster and higher productivity, kinds of protection system including, for example: voltage protection system which will protect the ultrasonic output power and the ultrasonic frequency when unbalance voltage; overload protection; over current protection; power supply frequency auto compensation; auto frequency after etc; suitable for all kinds and sizes of horns. Adjustable ultrasonic frequency, adopt computer program grading soft start for ultrasonic to make the ultrasonic welding effect more ideal, and also make the transducer and horn for longer life.

Technical Data
Model No SE-QCMB01
Weight 900kg
Size L2750mm*W1800mm*H2500mm
Weld Time 30-70 seconds/pc